About the Antiscribe…

Jonathan Morris AKA Antiscribe – Writer, Editor, and Owner of Antiscribe.com

So you would like to know about me?  Sure, no problem.

Well, just to cover a lot of ground, my life has not been a happy one, and mine is not a happy tale.  There, that about sums up the personal history pretty well.

As for what qualifies me to write a blog: I’m a failed screen and comic book writer, failed academic, and if tradition continues, I soon expect to be a failed novelist as well (dare to dream!).  However, I’m also an avid cineaste, a student of philosophy, a devotee of the humanities, a keen political observer, a semi-voracious bibliophile, a history buff, a literate fanboy, an articulate writer, and an eloquent scholar.  I have a BFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California and an MA in Cinema Studies from New York University.  (Naturally, all of this makes me completely unemployable in this economy.)  I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, then lost again, and again, and again.  Some would call me negative, but those people have never reached as far as I have, or could have lived through the falls I’ve survived.  If anything, I’m a perpetual victim of my own optimism; the proverbial whipping boy of hope.   I’ve always been the statistical balance…mine is the dream that’s failed so another’s may come true.  I…am the Antiscribe, and this is my blog.

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  1. Dear Jonathan,

    I am featuring your excellent Dickens article in next month’s Barking Planet blog. I am excerpting and linking.
    The internet seems to offer many opportunities for screenwriting. You are certainly qualified to write for visual media, if that is your choice. Or print.
    Film and publishing require building a network. Have you read the wikipedia articles on the young woman who wrote divergent or the writer of labyrinth? The are not literature, but popular variations on dystopian themes for young adults.

    I wish you the best, and hope you pass through the miasma to some satisfaction.
    Robert McCarty
    Barking Planet Productions.
    planetofthedogs AT gmail DOT com

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