Introduction to the #OWS Project

Recently, on our trip down to Philadelphia for an academic conference, my good friend and respected (if decidedly rakish) colleague Andrew Golledge and I visited the Philadelphia site of the Occupy Wall Street movement and came away with varied impressions and strong opinions over what we had seen there.  With Andrew having agreed to come aboard as a full-time contributor, we decided that a very cool introductory project would be for each of us to write our own thought piece about OWS and, in keeping with the intellectual focus of this website, channel our impressions of it through some facet of popular culture.  The two articles below, “#OWS for Vendetta” and “Radical Failure,” represent the culmination of this project.  I must say, as owner of this website, I’m damn proud of both our efforts and I’m honored to be able to present them each to you here.

I also want to take this opportunity to welcome Andrew to!  Andrew Golledge, whose site nickname is Don Manifesto, has been my trusted compadre and colleague for a few years now.  He’s also a brilliant scholar, terrific writer, and now budding amateur filmmaker with a distinctive, passionate perspective that equally compliments and contrasts my own.  If his work on this project is any indication, we’re all in for some excellent reading in the weeks and months to come.  (Just don’t tell him I said that…I have enough trouble with my own ego…)

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